All poetry and photos by Squeaky Connors unless otherwise noted, thank you.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mother Mary

i've identified the longing,
i wrote about before,
i'm lonesome for my children,
who live far from my door.

I tried to call this afternoon,
i guess no one was free,
i wonder what they're doing,
and why they're not calling me.

it's tough to be a mother,
with my kids so far away,
sometimes i really miss them,
i'm not ashamed to say.

don't misunderstand me,
i'm happy they are grown,
and making their own choices,
and have lives of their own.

i know how much they love me,
but i'm still feeling blue,
a mother's heart feels love so deep,
and sometimes longing too.

knowing there are other moms,
riding this same boat,
gives me strength and courage,
to keep my heart afloat.

i think being a mother,
is God's most precious gift,
with Holy Week upon us,
i'm reflecting upon this.

for Mary felt more pain,
than i will ever know,
she loved her son so dearly,
and had to let him go.

i thank her for her sacrifice,
and reflect upon her part,
i know she understands my pain,
i feel hers in my heart.


today i feel a longing,
not sure what it's for,
is it here inside my house,
or outside of the door.

will i find it when i go to church,
i guess i'll wait and see,
but of one thing i am certain,
something's calling me.

Friday, March 19, 2010

spring techno lament

springtime is here, but it's making me sad,
i saw a young boy, at the park with his dad,
the child sat and played, in the sand all alone,
while the dad spent his time, attached to his phone.

i love my spring walks, when I hear the birds sing,
it helps me unwind, and think about things.
but it seems that's a pleasure, i could soon forget,
if i'm unable from technology, to disconnect.

i taught my young children, the sound made by a bird,
but now the word "tweet", means the cell phone i've heard.
undivided attention, is becoming extinct.
and precious moments get ruined, when my cell phone rings.

my friends and my kids, need to feel free to relate,
without fear that their presence, is just second rate.
so i need to decide, how much is enough,
and sometimes must choose, to turn everything off.

Friday, March 12, 2010

the path

hooray! hooray!
today's the day,
the snow has nearly gone away!

the path is open,
we walked right through,
such a happy thing to do.

finally, our walks are safe,
no fear of falls,
this is so great.

you never know,
you missed it so,
till it returns and you can go.