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Monday, October 31, 2011

Squeaky's Studio: Last Day To Get A Lot of Free Stuff

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Happy Haloween

Sorry I don't have pictures of my dogs dressed up for Halloween but I am in Florida.Blogging from my iPad at MacDonalds is a challenge. I'd like to say I'm on vacation but that is not the case. I flew down here to see my fathervwho's health was failing. He was at home with wonderful round the clock hospice care. He did not recognize me for several hours but we kept trying. My sister Phyllis kept telling him, "Squeaky's here". And then... It was like he woke up. He got tears in his eyes and sat up and opened his arms wide and hugged me! We had a little chat and I told him how everyone was doing. He passed away Oct.24th at ten minutes after midnight. My sister Melissa and I were at his side for his last hours and the hospice nurse helped us through his final minutes. Tomorrow we will have a viewing here and he will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery with my mother in a few weeks. I will return home Nov.5th. We are now looking forward to Tim's return from Iraq sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I apologize to my friends who look forward to my Haloween cards and picture. They're going to be a little bit late this year.