All poetry and photos by Squeaky Connors unless otherwise noted, thank you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wag your tail, it's wednesday

she's a city dog
and her name is Pearl
and when i visit
she's grandma's girl

she likes to play
and i scratch her tummy
and her crazy smile
is oh so funny

when we go out
people stop to see her
'cuz she's oh so stylish
they just have to meet her

and i just smile
as they ooh and ah
'cuz i'm her loving

I had such a great time visiting my daughter (and grand-dog) in NYC. I was surprised that so many people choose to have canine companions in the "Big Apple". They add a softness and whimsy that is endearing. Laura and I attended the big dog show - Westminster! It was such fun to see all the different breeds of dogs and their people. I met a few breeds I hadn't seen before. The evenings Group and Best In Show events were quite exciting. We were happy to return to Laura's apartment to see Pearl each night. As the woman behind us (who had show dogs as well as rescue dogs) said, "They're all champions!"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

dog hair

because of dogs
there are blankets on my couches
because of dogs
there are scratches on my floor
because of dogs
there is so much hair to vacuum
but because of dogs
my life is so much more

because of dogs
i have someone there to greet me
because of dogs
i go outside and explore
because of dogs
my life is filled with laughter
and because of dogs
i know that i'm adored

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day 2011

remembering back
to my schoolgirl days
this one was special
in many ways

it spoke of hope
as we waited to see
how much more winter
there might be

and who would tell us
what our fate would be
a big fat groundhog
from Punxsutawney

this year he said "early
spring shall be"
but the height of my snowbanks
makes me disagree

it just doesn't apply
in this cold state
where minnesota groundhogs
still hibernate

but when i was younger
i believed it was true
and my hope, like our winter
still lingers on too