All poetry and photos by Squeaky Connors unless otherwise noted, thank you.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Connors Christmas 2009

Sitting in my craft room, looking at the snow

Printing off some pictures, where did this last year go

Oh yes I see it clearly, in the photos that I took

As I organize them neatly, to put them in scrapbooks

We started off the New Year, putting Laura on a plane

As she moved to New York City, to get out of the rain

In March Daniel was married, in true artistic style

He serenaded Tiffany, as she walked up the aisle

Tim’s West Point graduation, happened late in May

We celebrated proudly, his accomplishments that day

Amy and I bonded, seeing tourist destinations

Our ”Cheesy American Road-trip”, was more than a vacation

Now to balance out his work, Tom is playing more

He’s working out at the gym, and golf gets him outdoors

It seems I’m always busy, at home or at my job

Driving Amy to her classes, or else walking the dogs

This year was full of milestones, we always will remember

As I turn them into scrapbooks, from January to December

The main thing that I notice, as this big year ends

The memories we treasure most, are our family and friends

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


she looked a little nervous
like she knew she had been naughty
when she came out of the closet
with something wrapped around her body

i don't know how she did it
but she thought that she looked fine
she was wearing someone's underwear
and i know they were not mine

one leg was in an opening
the waist wrapped round her neck
they really didn't fit so bad
i said, oh what the heck

if you really want to dress yourself
at least you started right
a lady must wear underwear
when she goes out at night