All poetry and photos by Squeaky Connors unless otherwise noted, thank you.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


i am my true authentic self
it's not something I'm becoming
right now today here in the now
my own song i am humming

i am imperfect and unfinished
but that's just part of me
i do not have to win the race
for others to love me

or for me to love myself
and love this life I have
embracing both the joyful times
and the times I'm sad

i am weak and i am strong
at times i'm right and others wrong
accepting this has set me free
all these parts belong to me

and all the stuff that's in between
all things obvious and unseen
i am a beautiful blessed soul
though i am broken
i'm also whole

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Frosty Fall Morning

the sun is shining! quick, get outside! it's a frosty fall morning! don't stay in and hide!

Monday, October 19, 2009

true gift

transparency and honesty,
go against our cultural training,
we were born with both these qualities,
as we grow these gifts start waning,

we start to hide our feelings,
and learn to lie with ease,
we justify behaviors,
and deny that we have needs,

our shells grow thick, our walls grow tall,
we separate from others,
we play our parts convincingly,
and isolate one another,

the greatest gift we have to give,
we seldom can display,
who we are and what we feel,
we mostly hide away,

tis fear that makes us do it,
such cowards we can be,
hiding us, from those we love,
hurts everyone, you see,

so go back to your childhood,
when you were young and free,
share yourself, express yourself,
with childlike honesty,

it might seem hard when starting,
in time you won't regret,
for to give the gift of your true self,
is love most ultimate.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Below Normal

thirty degrees below normal,
they said today on the news,
with this cold, frost, and snow,
i can't say I'm amused,

they said warmth is coming,
i hope it comes soon,
let me know when it's normal,
maybe this afternoon.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

first snow , oh no!

i'm not ready for winter,
i don't want fall to go,
if you say that i'm dreaming,
i won't have to know,

that my pumpkin is wearing,
a new coat of white,
it happened while sleeping,
sometime late last night,

so it must be a dream,
say it's not true,
say that stuff on the ground,
is really just dew,

oh please come back fall,
i want you to stay,
don't let this small snow,
chase you away,

i'm sure it will melt,
and you'll be back quick as ever,
so don't disappear,
just because of bad weather.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

forget not fall

finally fall,
i thought you forgot us,
i thought you'd passed us by,
but here you are,
on this bright morning,
the colors verify,
your brilliance and your splendor,
unsurpassed by all the rest,
oh glorious fall you've come at last,
my spirits do attest.